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Company Profile

Modena Technology Ltd. was founded in July, 2003. With its headquarter locating in Sanhuanxi Industrial District, Shishan Town, Foshan City, Modena Technology Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer engaged in providing whole-plant engineering, ceramic machineries, and production technique services for constructional ceramic material, white wares, sanitary wares and special ceramic materials. It has been evaluated to be the key high new technology company in national China Torch Program specialized in drying, firing equipments and whole-plant engineering and machineries manufacturing.

Modena Technology Ltd. won a high reputation on its machineries and services quality, has been a top sales kiln and whole-plant machineries exporting company in China for last several years. Covering a broad sales & after-sales network in 35 countries including India, Vietnam, America, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Colombia, etc..

Other than its headquarter in Foshan, it has manufacturing unit NO.2 in Yunfu City, and manufacturing unit NO.3 in Hunan, office in east, central, north, southwest, northeast China and HongKong, China; Specially for global market, it sets up supporting center for commercial and technical at India, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Spain, Mexico and Italy.

The company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation and has established "Guangdong Province Green Building Ceramics Low Carbon Complete Equipment Engineering Technology Research and Development Center". It has been approved by the National Postdoctoral Management Committee to set up a postdoctoral workstation. The self-developed firing, drying and conveying equipment has successively obtained certification certificates such as “National Key Products”, “Guangdong Key New Products”, “Guangdong New High-tech Products” and a number of authorized patents, dry-hanging hollow ceramic plate furnaces and the dryer passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, and the conclusion was that “International leading in comprehensive technology".

Founded in 2003, and further developed since 2014 after setting up its manufacturing unit NO2. in Xinxing District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province with investment reaching 200 million RMB, Modena's development has made its particularly outstanding contribution to the global ceramic industry.

"To become a world-class energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building materials manufacturing equipment enterprise" is the desire and unremitting pursuit of all Modena people. Originated from European technology, Modena is committed to defining the high quality of its products in the world of ceramics machinery with high standards.


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